Zurich Airport - Departure (Directors Cut)

Zurich Airport - DEPARTURE is a movie about 3 Business-Class Passengers flying with SWISS from Zurich to Shanghai. As they arrive at the Airport, they are fascinated by the action around their plane. Later on, the Boarding will start and they take their seats in the Business Class. It's still busy at the Tarmac, the final preparations for the Flight are still going on. Enjoy this ride with our 3 Actors and the Airbus A340 of SWISS International Airlines! Welcome aboard!

Why a new Version? We used the Instrumental Version of the Coldplay's Song "Paradise". Unfortunately, this song banned the movie worldwide. So we thought, not just to replace the Song, let's make a Directors Cut Version. We hope you like it.

NEW VIDEO: Bye Emirates Airlines

Crew Life is awesome, but there is the time to move on. After more than five years at Emirates Airlines, its time to say good bye. I will always remember all the nice destinations, colleagues and good times above 40 thousand feet. But seeing the take offs and landings still gives me the feeling of being a part of this airline.

-Rose Tecson-Ruesch

Air Force One in Zurich (ZRH) after 18 years

What an amazing moment, it was fantastic. Donald Trump's Visit in Switzerland at the World Economic Forum 2018 in Davos. Its been a while, (18 long years) since the worlds most famous 747 landed back in Zurich. Thousands of people enjoyed this beauty on these two days. Here are our Pictrues from this great event, its fantastic!

Pictures by Andy Ruesch, Ruesch Productions, January 2018

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We are still testing out the 4K world. Watch here some test footage of the beautiful aviation world in 4K.


Emirates A380 - Take Off from Dubai to Zurich

Swiss A340 taxing - Old but gold

Swiss Boeing 777-300 - Engine Start-Up

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Become an Airline Pilot - Follow your Dream

This video is designed to help all future pilots as motivation. One of the best jobs in the world. Enjoy the beautiful images, and get inspired. We also thank all the pilots and cabin crew worldwide.

Edelweiss Air Airbus A320 Zurich - Fuerteventura and back

Our latest Cockpitfilm with Edelweiss Air in an Airbus A320 from Zurich to Fuerteventura. Enjoy the ride on the jumpseat or in the cabin of the plane. See how professional the crew is working. Thank you Edelweiss Air!

Zurich Airport - Summer Time

This is it! This is the long awaited Zurich Airport - Summer Time movie. Enjoy the action on the Field, Runway and Pushback Trucks! Dedicated to all Zurich Airport Staff Members, Plane lovers and Zurich Airport Fans!